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Handpan tips - Nadishana roll

February 19, 2023 2 min read

In this blog serie, we will discover the nadishana roll tehcnique. The nadishana roll is a handpan playing technique that was developed by the multi-instrumentalist and composer, Vladiswar Nadishana. 

What is the Nadishana roll

the Nadishana roll technique involves playing a rapid series of notes on the handpan, creating a rolling or cascading effect that can add a dynamic and rhythmic texture to a musical piece.To perform the nadishana roll, the musician first strikes a note on the handpan with their fingertip, using a flicking motion that creates a sharp and distinct sound. They then quickly move their finger in a circular motion, gliding over the surface of the handpan to play the adjacent notes. This creates a rolling effect, as the notes blend seamlessly into each other, producing a fluid and continuous sound.

Here is a great example on how to learn this trick


The nadishana roll is often used in world music and fusion styles, where it can add a sense of movement and excitement to a musical piece. It can also be used in slower, more meditative pieces, where the rolling effect can create a gentle and soothing texture.

The technique can be challenging to master, as it requires precise control over the fingers and a good sense of timing. It is often practiced by playing scales and arpeggios, gradually increasing the speed and complexity of the notes played. With practice and dedication, however, the nadishana roll can become a powerful and expressive tool for any handpan player.

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Example of performance with Nadishana roll

Here, the master of the nadishana roll technique, Nadishana himself, provides a great demonstration of this technique. With consistent practice, you too can master this technique and incorporate it into your own compositions.

alexandre zunino
alexandre zunino

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