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Handpan tips - Rhythm

October 04, 2022 2 min read

In this blog series, we will highlight different playing techniques to help you find ideas and improve your skill. To help you in your quest for mastering the handpan, we have collected some of the most interesting and intuitive videos make your approach and learning as easy as possible.

What is a Rhythm ?

Rhythm is an essential aspect of music making process. Rhythm is a combination of 3 elements. Melody, harmony and rhythm. The rhythm will be composed of notes, silence and accent in a music. It is a recurrence of notes and silence in a given time. When a series of notes and rests are repeated, this will form what is called a rhythmic pattern. In addition to indicating when the notes are played, the musical rhythm also stipulates how long they are played and with what intensity. This creates different note lengths and different types of accents.

You can take a look at this video from the channel "handpan 360" about rhythm. This channel is full of useful ressources so go for it !

Rhythm functions as the propulsive engine of a piece of music and provides a compositional structure. To become familiar with the concept of rhythm and to start practicing, the use of a metronome can facilitate learning. The metronome will allow you to master the timing and then to vary your playing with slowing down and silence and to accelerate. A good control of the rhythm is essential to play with others.

Great Rythms to practice

Here is a great example of rhythms you can practice. These are not the easiest rhythms to start with but I invite you to follow this channel "Sdn handpan Official" to find new ideas and practice!

alexandre zunino
alexandre zunino

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