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March 02, 2023 2 min read

In this blog series, we will highlight different playing techniques to help you find ideas and improve your skill. To help you in your quest for mastering the handpan, we have collected some of the most interesting and intuitive videos make your approach and learning as easy as possible. In this article, we are going to show you the tremolo technique. 

What is tremolo technique

Tremolo is a handpan playing technique that involves rapidly repeating a single note to produce a tremulous effect. This technique can be used to add emotion, depth, and texture to a musical piece. Tremolo is a popular technique among handpan players, and it can be found in many different musical styles and genres.

To produce a tremolo on the handpan, a musician rapidly repeats a single note, usually using the fingertips or the palm of the hand. The speed and intensity of the tremolo can vary, producing different effects and adding nuance to the musical piece. Tremolo can be used to create a sense of urgency or excitement, or to add a delicate and subtle touch to a piece.

One of the benefits of tremolo is its versatility. This technique can be used in many different musical styles, from classical music to contemporary pop. Tremolo can also be combined with other handpan playing techniques, such as fingerstyle or mallets, to create a more complex and varied sound. It can be used to create a melody or to add depth and texture to a musical piece.

Tremolo requires a high degree of skill and precision to master. A musician must be able to play the same note rapidly and accurately, without losing the rhythm or tempo of the piece. With practice, however, tremolo can become a powerful and expressive tool for any handpan player.

Example of tremolo technique

alexandre zunino
alexandre zunino

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