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Pantheon steel

June 19, 2023 2 min read

 Introduction: In the vast and diverse world of musical instruments, Pantheon Steel stands out as an innovative and passionate company specializing in the production of exceptional steel musical instruments. Founded in 2005, Pantheon Steel has quickly become a leading name for musicians worldwide. Let's explore the history of this company, its unique manufacturing process, the exceptional quality of its instruments, and its vision.

The History of Pantheon Steel

Turning Passion into Reality In 2005, engineer and machinist Jim Dusin witnessed Kyle Cox crafting a steelpan by hammering it into shape using a combination of pneumatic and traditional hand hammers. The loud and labor-intensive process left Jim amazed and convinced that there had to be a better way. From that moment on, Jim and Kyle embarked on a mission to create a new, more efficient process for automating the formation of the instrument's shell. Inspired by Kyle's hammering technique and philosophy, they endeavored to bring something new and essential to the table. This led to the development of the Rolling Method, a groundbreaking process that was later patented.

The Manufacturing Process

Merging Craftsmanship and Technology The manufacturing process at Pantheon Steel combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. A motorized turning axis rotates a steel sheet while a computer-controlled hydraulic arm, equipped with a roller bearing, applies specific stresses to replicate Kyle's pneumatic hammering technique. This Rolling Method ensures precise and consistent shaping of the instrument's shell. Each step of the process, from cutting the material to meticulous tuning, is carried out with utmost care to guarantee the exceptional sonic quality of Pantheon Steel instruments.

The Quality of Instruments 

Pantheon Steel has earned a reputation for producing instruments of unparalleled quality. Every instrument is meticulously crafted using carefully selected premium materials known for their acoustic properties and durability. Pantheon Steel's artisans pay meticulous attention to detail, from flawless finishes to subtle tonal nuances. The result is an instrument with extraordinary sensitivity and a deep, captivating sound that enthralls musicians and listeners worldwide.

The Vision of Pantheon Steel

Nurturing Musical Creativity Pantheon Steel is committed to nurturing musical creativity and inspiring musicians to push the boundaries of artistic expression. Their vision is to provide instruments that transcend the limits of possibility, offering musicians a platform to explore new sounds and emotions. Whether for meditation, music therapy, or artistic performance, Pantheon Steel instruments are designed to unleash the creative potential of every musician.

Instruments and price

To discover the different instruments and prices offered by Pantheon Steel, please take a look at their product page. Instrument prices range from 1500$ to 3499$.


Pantheon Steel is more than just a steel musical instrument manufacturer; it is a true source of inspiration for musicians worldwide. With its rich history, meticulous manufacturing process, exceptional instrument quality, and forward-thinking vision, Pantheon Steel continues to shape the future of steel musical instruments.

alexandre zunino
alexandre zunino

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