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Metal sounds

March 26, 2023 3 min read

The handpan is a unique musical instrument that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a percussion instrument made from steel and shaped like a UFO. One of the leading manufacturers is Metal sounds, a French company that has been in business for over a decade. In this article, we will explore the history, design, and manufacturing process of Metal sounds instruments.

The History of Metal sounds

Passionate about music and percussion instruments, the team of craftsmen has been designing and manufacturing handpans with remarkable characteristics since 2005. His handpan brand called "Spacedrum®" is now known all over the world.

First handpan manufacturer in France, Metal Sounds is at the forefront of technical innovation and design in the sector.

Metal Sounds adheres to a strict quality charter, using different carefully selected materials and processes depending on the acoustics and aesthetics desired for each instrument. Spacedrum® are the result of years of research and development in the field of handpan making, or what they call "sound sculptures". The company's commitment to its values and its customers is based on a principle of mutual trust. Metal Sounds provides high quality personalized customer service, a point confirmed by customer reviews.


Metal Sounds handpans are renowned for their unique design and beautiful sound. The company offers four models. Thus you will be able to discover the Spacedrum® EVOLUTION, a historic large-format handpan from Metal Sounds, the Spacedrum® NITRO, a unique handpan in 1.2mm nitrided steel, and the two models created in 2023, the Spacedrum® EMBER, and the Spacedrum® TRAVEL.

Lien vers boutique Metalsound

Each model is distinguished by very specific characteristics and
an easily recognizable unique design. All Metal sounds handpans are made of high quality steel, carefully selected by the company. Spacedrum® handpans produce a harmonious and captivating sound, suitable for musicians of all levels as well as those who have never practiced. If you are looking for a top quality instrument with great sound, Metal Sounds handpans are the perfect choice for you.

The Manufacturing Process

Spacedrum® handpans are made using a combination of traditional and modern techniques. The process begins with cutting a flat sheet of steel which is then formed into a convex shape. If in 2005, Metal Sounds used the hydroforming technique with in-house equipment to manufacture its handpans, today the company uses a specially developed stamping process to optimize the regularity and quality of its instruments.

The steel sheets are heat treated by different processes depending on the expected result. The notes are then tuned by hammering using a spectrogram (digital tuner) until they produce the desired sound. Finally, the handpan is covered with a protective layer to prevent rust and ensure its longevity. It should be noted that Metal Sounds uses its own steel materials instead of buying them from other suppliers. This allows to create a unique sound and to ensure a strong identity to the instruments of Metal Sounds.

Commitment to Quality

Metal sounds is committed to producing high quality musical instruments that are both beautiful and functional. The company uses only the highest quality steel and employs skilled craftsmen to ensure that each model is crafted to perfection. Above all, Metal Sounds masters all the production processes, which allows it to have regular quality control throughout the manufacturing stages. Spacedrum® therefore undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it meets the company's strict standards for sound and quality.

Finally, each handpan comes with a padded cover, instructions for use and cleaning products to help the customer preserve the quality of the instruments.

Handpans for Sale

Spacedrum® handpans are available for sale on the company's website and from authorized retailers. The 4 models of Spacedrum® are available in different tones and can be customized to meet the needs of each musician. The company also offers a range of accessories, including covers and hardcases, stands and wall mounts, for practicing and presenting handpans. A selection of handpan methods for learning to play and quality maintenance products to properly protect your handpan are also available.

The Future of Metal sounds

Committed to continuing to innovate, the company is constantly exploring new materials and techniques to improve the sound and quality of its models. The team is also dedicated to promoting the handpan as a legitimate musical instrument and expanding its reach to musicians around the world. She activates partnerships to promote the practice of handpan and has just opened a new showroom in which she gives handpan lessons. Insatiable creator, Metal sounds also nourishes ambitions to create new melodic percussions in metal.

Instruments and price

To discover the different instruments and prices offered by Metal sounds, please take a look at their product page.


Metal sounds is a French company that has been making high-quality handpans for over a decade. The company's commitment to quality and innovation has helped to raise the bar for handpan manufacturers worldwide. 

alexandre zunino
alexandre zunino

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