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handhand music

February 13, 2024 2 min read

Handhand music History

Step into the enchanting realm of HandHand Music, a haven where passion and artistry harmonize to craft Thailand's most exquisite handpans. Mr. Surasak, the master behind HandHand Music, instilled in the brand a deep belief in simplicity, beauty, and the unadulterated joy of music.

The Handpan, with its distinctive and soothing melody, captures the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide. Beyond the musical notes, what distinguishes each Handpan is the unique touch of the makers. From material selection to the hammer's stroke, note scales, and precise sound tuning, every element contributes to an instrument that mirrors the artisan's individuality.

Based in Bangkok Thailand, HandHand Music revels in its small size. Here, being compact is a virtue, allowing the hands of passion, belonging to Surasak, to infuse each creation with meticulous attention. In this intimate space, its modest size isn't a limitation but a guarantee that every instrument carries a personal touch, making HandHand Music a testament to the extraordinary that comes in small packages.

Manufacturing process

Handhand music process involves the delicate art of Nitrided Steel and the application of a rubber rim on the edge. This not only results in a robust rust protection mechanism but also ensures that the instrument is easy to care for. Every step of this process is done by Surasak skilled hands, ensuring the authenticity and soulful resonance of each HandHand instrument.

Instruments and price

Every scale can be make and Surasak can design the handpan you want. If you want to have an idea of the scales and work for handhand music, i recommend you to check its youtube channel and where all. his creation are displayed. Handhand music handpans go for a price of 940 USD. If you want to have more information and get in touch with Surasak, you can. find all the informations on his website

Deliver everywhere

Handhand music handpans have made their melodic journey to 21 countries, spanning across the USA, Australia, China, Japan, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Qatar, Lebanon, Israel, Myanmar, Brazil, Norway, Italy, France, Switzerland, England, New Zealand, Holland, Taiwan, and Poland. Shippping is about 200-350 USD. 

alexandre zunino
alexandre zunino

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