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Our story

Hi everyone ! As most of us, i started to watch many videos of players and was subjugate by the magical sound of this instrument. At the time, i didn’t knew much about it and finding a handpan was not easy. Until the day i found one in a shop. This was a revelation for me. Still learning about this instrument, and always enjoying playing it, i have decided to go further and open this website. Through this, i want to share as much informations and tips about this instrument and help you find the handpan of your dream. It is not that easy to find a good handpan when you are new to it. Difficulty to find handpan makers and meeting players can be an issue so i will do my best to display as much information about this subject in my website. 

The idea behind handpan-corner is simply to gather informations, meet handpan makers and put on the store the best handpan i can get in order to make it easy for you to start and begin a new adventure. As the site grow, i will do my best to display the best offers i can find and make it easier for you to dive into the world of handpan. 

As an objective, i want handpan-corner to evolve as i do. All the informations and tips i will learn will be displayed on handpan-corner and i wish to have as much cooperation as possible with players and handpan makers to give you the best and most complete informations.

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