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Spacedrum Nitro - 9 notes (Equinox F Minor)


Handpan 9 notes Equinox F minor. The grade of steel, the thickness of the plates and the type of nitriding applied to the shells, give this handpan a unique identity and makes it a perfectly tuned high-end handpan.

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Play our handpan to create memories with your friends and family and meet new people around the world with the same passion for music. 

Scale : Equinox Fm -> F3 - Ab3 C4 Db4 Eb4 F4 G4 Ab4 C5
Size : 
60 CM diameter
Included : 1 handpan bag

Maintenance : Wipe your instrument after each use with a microfiber cloth and regularly treat the surface of your handpan with a dedicated oil. Clean your instrument with alcohol about every 3 months to remove the layer formed by successive deposits of cleaning products that can alter the sound of your instrument.

You can play handpan sitting or standing. If you want to have a look at the accessories available to master your handpan, you can check our accessories

For more handpan scales you can look at our handpan collection

Discover Spacedrum Nitro equinox F minor in video


The sound of handpan is unique and you don't need music knowledge background to start it. This means that the learning curve is intuitive and by playing often you can quickly improve your skills and learn new technique.  Handpan is also the perfect instrument to carry around in order to play music in the nature, play with your friends or meet new people. So if you have a creative spirit and are passionate about music start the adventure right now !

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