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What instruments to play with a handpan ?

December 31, 2022 3 min read

What kind of instrument can be played along with a handpan ? Yes this is a real question you may wonder if you plan to jam with a group of friend. In reality, the limit here is your imagination. Many instrument can be played with a handpan. Here is a short list of ideas to give you a good insight of the possibilities. 


The cajon is a musical instrument invented in Peru in the 18th century. Compared to the traditional cajon, the current cajon generally has one more element, the timbre, which makes the sound close to that of a drum snare. The cajon is a wooden box of about 50*30*30cm. The striking plate at the front, the "tappa", is thinner to allow a certain elasticity and resonance. The back plate has a hole to form a resonance box. To play it, you just have to sit on it and hit on the tappa.


The didgeridoo is a wind instrument originating from the Australian Aborigines. It is considered to be one of the oldest wind instruments in the world still played today. The didgeridoo is an instrument of the brass family, although it is made of wood. The didgeridoo is a horn, whose long pipe is made of a branch of eucalyptus hollowed out by termites. Its use is quite complex and requires precise coordination and control of the lips, cheeks, tongue, voice and breath.

Music Software

You can very well create your own atmosphere and play on the style you want by using a music creation software. Many tools exist such as Ableton, logic, Cubase... This will allow you to free your creativity without having to find other players or learn to play an instrument. 

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The guitar is a plucked string instrument. The strings are laid out parallel to the soundboard and the neck, which is usually cut with frets, on which the strings are pressed with one hand to produce different notes. The other hand plucks the strings, either with the fingernails and fingertips or with a mediator. Its most common variant has six strings.


The Djembe is a percussion instrument originating from West Africa (more precisely it appeared approximately 700 years ago in Mali). It is composed of a wooden barrel in the shape of a chalice on which is mounted a goat or antelope skin stretched thanks to a tension system that is played with bare hands and whose very wide sound spectrum generates a great richness of timbre. 

Bansuri (flûte)

The bansuri or Indian flute is a very old Indian instrument, it can be found on wall paintings and sculptures in temples. It is made of bamboo, it must be straight and without knots and as perfect as possible. It has six or seven holes and is plugged at one end.



In African music, the calabash is a percussion instrument consisting of a half of a large calabash, which is struck with the palms, fingers, wrist or objects to produce a variety of percussive sounds.



The harp is a cordophone musical instrument of the string family, most often triangular in shape, with stretched strings of varying lengths, the shortest of which give the highest notes.


The violin is mainly composed of three main parts: the body, the neck and the head. In addition to these elements, there are other smaller components, but all equally important for playing, such as the bridge, the pegs, or the tailpiece, all of which form parts of violin making.


The SITAR is a large long-necked lute, renowned for its vibrant and haunting sound. It is the instrument par excellence of North Indian and Pakistani classical music where it is normally played with the tabla drums and the tambura lute. 

alexandre zunino
alexandre zunino

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