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5 reasons to start playing handpan

November 13, 2022 2 min read

Should you start playing handpan ? It generally takes time to jump into a different music instrument. is it the right one, will i enjoy playing it and i will i be motivated enough to practice and learn. in this short article, we will see what reason could lead you to adopt this unique instrument. 

Easy to learn

Playing handpan is accessible to most people. It is not necessary to have studied music theory or to have a deep knowledge of music to be able to start and create beautiful melodies. Handpan notes are made to sound perfectly together making false notes non-existent. You can learn and improve quickly while having fun and creating relaxing sounds. For those who like challenge not worry, there is a learning curve. Once you have the basics, it will be necessary to practice to gain speed, rhythm, technique and to stand out with your style. 

Enjoy fresh air


With a handpan, it is convenient to play outside and enjoy a sunny day. In a park, in the street, at a friend's house, all places are good to share your passion with your friends. When carried in a bag, this instrument is very easy to transport and will allow you to travel with your instrument wherever you go. So if you like to spend time outside or in the nature, choosing a handpan may be a good choice for you.

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Start to relax 

The waves produced by the steel drum are relaxing. There is a reason why the handpan is often associated with yoga or other relaxation practices. It is even said that handpan has positive virtues on health just like the Tibetan bowl. So whenever you are a little stressed, get your handpan out and relax.

Meet new friends


The sound of the handpan and its very original shape always attract curiosity. This instrument is ideal to meet new friends. How many times I went alone to play in a park or a tourist area and met new friends. I would even say that playing handpan is a great way to break the language barrier or to break the ice when you are abroad. The sound of the handpan calls the shot and many people may want to know more and invite you to join them ;)

Play alone or with others

The handpan is an instrument that plays very well by itself. Between the melody of the notes and the percussion when hitting the ring, it seems that several instruments are being played together. But you also have the possibility to play with several people. You can play with another handpan instrument, a cajon or a didgeridoo there are not limit to the possibilities. So whether you like to play by yourself or with friend handpan is made for you. 

alexandre zunino
alexandre zunino

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